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A damsil in distress Sep. 11th, 2004 @ 09:26 pm
Well it's been a long time since we've talked. I've got lots to say. Well the first day of school was cool. That lesbean lied and it goes to my school but oh well. Let's cut to the chase. Jessie is really starting to get on my nerves. She's like a pesky musquito that won't go away. Every freakin time I turn around she's there. GOD! I mean talk about annoying. She's always at my house. And the other day she had the option of her mom picking her up and going to her house in the ac but she's like no I'm gonna go to Amber's instead(where there's no ac or even ne power). If she's not around me at school then she's at my house. On happier notes i'm running for freshman class president I hope I win! My sis is starting to get on my nerves well she's not getting on my nerves I guess you could just say I'm jealous b/c she seems like she has  more friends and I look like I don't have any friends b/c Jessie is always around me. GOD! and I can't be mad at her b/c I just can't. And I know Robin's friends can't stand jessie either b/c she is pretty annoying. Jessie's mom said that I'm the only person that she invites over and the only person that she talks to. So today I asked Brooke over to spend the night actually it was last night and she is way more fun to be around than jessie. I tried to get a job today but no ones hiring at my age right now. Oh yeah I had a good b-day too now i'm 14! well I don't really want to broadcast the rest of my feelings on this website so good night to all!

bordem takes over Jul. 21st, 2004 @ 04:48 pm
well i'm so bored that i would do anything to have something to do i got my schedule for next year or should i say this year!!te he! i had fun yesterday at the beach with robin and parker i don't like daniel though he wasn't that much fun i think he didn't want to be around parker because he felt awkard around him but daniel just seemed that he was stuck on himself and just wanted to drive robin's car but thank god he didn't because then we wouldn't have had any gas i'm so afraid that i'm gonna get lost in school next year well i'm not afraid cuz if i do who cares but i don't want to look like a dumbass freshmen who doesn't know what the hell they're doing i want to atleast look like i know what i'm doing if i'm not lost i know i'll be late because it is so big i hope there's people in my class i know so i'll have someone to talk to i know it will be scary but i can do it!! IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN!!

cold hard bitch Jul. 18th, 2004 @ 10:11 pm
wow my day has been eventful let's see what did i do 2day nothing the most exciting thing i did was read some of my book Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix i have this song stuck in my head cold hard bitch thats all i know i'm so glad that robin's friend didn't come she is annoying i can't wait till school starts i get to go school shopping oh yeah i can't wait till our stupid trip to kentucky i get to see more people who act like my gay dad oh and i have to go to this gay baseball game w/ my gay dad at least robin will be there she is so cool really look up to her although i don't like some of the things she does in her spare time like drinking and trying cigars and ciggarettes however you spell that i feel like she is my best friend and she has been my best friend ever since i was born i love when she ask me advice on stuff like guys and stuff when she ask me stuff like that i feel grown-up and mature well i've spilled enough of my heart
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