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I can't wait till school starts. It starts in 3 days. Thats for me though some of you don't start for a while cuz your in college! My birthday is this month it's like in 24 days. Jessie has the nerve to say, behind my back ofcourse, that she's prettier than me. And she calls me fat. WTF? Just because she's amesiated looking she thinks the rest of us have to look like her. Well I've got news for her if she thinks guys like it when your stick thin, then she's got another thing coming to her. Guys just as well as girls like something to hold onto. I know I do. I'm not fat and no one ever better tell me that I am. Ugh I can't stand her or Ryan. I saw them at the mall together and they were all over each other. And then they're going to sit there and tell me that they don't like each other. I'm not stupid. He said I'm not with her I have a gf. I said well that didn't seem to matter when you had me as a gf because you still kissed her. Yeah that still bugs me that they kissed on the 4th of July. Hey that was month ago today. Me and Rachael scanned their yearbook pictures and switched their hair. So that they had each others hair. We put a ciggarett in Jessie's mouth since everyone thinks she's so perfect and she would never do anything bad. They looked really funny we printed them out and underneath each of their pictures we gave them a name. For Ryan we called him a Gothic wigger fuh-reak, and for Jessie we called her trailer trash! Then we said "Aww a perfect match" I want to mail them each a picture. It's kinda immature but I don't care I can't stand either one of them. He finally admited for the both of them that they had feelings for each other. Oh well nothing else to say.

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