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Scars leave a nightmare of a memory - l'm in my dark place....

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Previous Entry Scars leave a nightmare of a memory Jul. 18th, 2005 @ 11:22 am Next Entry
My crazly awesome friend Rachael is over and we had lots of fun at the beach yesterday. At Sonny's my weirdo dad takes a moist towellet and wipes her face off. OMG! My mom called Jessie last night and told her not to call over here ne more and not to make contact w/ me. I don't feel ne shame I won't apologize. She needs to stop thinking about herself and realize how much hurt she is bringing on other people. Her and Ryan both need to just stop living in lies and come out and let their feelings be known for each other. They need to quit living in lies. She's a fuckin' bitch. He's a fuckin' two faced jerk. I can't believe they made me look like a fool. I found out Saturday night that her and Ryan kissed. Yeah it wasn't after I broke up w/ him it was on the 4th of July. Cuz me and my parents went to see fireworks at at Jessie's mom's friends house ofcourse they were w/ us. But her and Ryan were waiting in the drive way so we would know which house it was and they kissed right b4 we pulled up. Well if I keep talking about this I'll cry. So I gotta skiddadle me and Rachael are planning a girls night in!
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