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drowning in a pool of never ending tears - l'm in my dark place....

About drowning in a pool of never ending tears

Previous Entry drowning in a pool of never ending tears Jul. 11th, 2005 @ 08:43 am Next Entry

   Well I know I just wrote in here a couple days ago that I was so happy that me and Ryan were back together but we've broken up already. It makes sad every time I stop and think about it. I know I'm only 14 [soon 2 b 15] but I honestly think I loved him. The worse part about it is that he broke up w/ me on our month "aniversary" he asked me out on June 8th and then broke up w/ me on July 8th. He didn't just say I want to break up w/ u he said let's take a break because he has feelings for some other people and he doesn't think that's fair to me. Which it isn't but I miss him so much. Ok I'll stop talking about him.

   I really miss the old Robin. She just isn't the same anymore. I really believe in my heart that Alex is the one. I think god has blessed her w/ him. Ofcourse they are gonna have some hard times but that's just life. I'll admit that I was very jealous at first and I'm still very jealous but I love to see her happy and I hope that the rest of you like to see her happy to. I wish the best and only the best for her and Alex, she deserves it!

           I LOVE YOU TWO!

Love, Amber     

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