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Previous Entry a leaf falls w/ each day passing Oct. 6th, 2004 @ 03:12 pm Next Entry

Well I'm finally writing in my journal again. A lot has happened since whenever I last wrote. Well I ran for president and I lost of course. I started cake decorating classes actually I start course 2 next Tuesday.I finally told "mute" what was bugging me about her. I just told her that we shouldn't spend so much time together, and when my mom found out about it she blew up at me. Ok "mute" goes home and tells her mom that "Amber hates me and she won;t let me ride to school with her ne more" and I never said ne of that, adn she never told me what was bugging her about the whole situation! So her mom calls me and is crying because she thinks I hate her daughter which I don't, so I start crying. then when my mom found out about it she makes me go over there and apologize to her. You know no one cares about Amber we all have to make "mute" happy. By going out of our way to please her. I mean my mom is acting like I killed her or something. So she's making me be friends w/ her even though I'll still be friends w/ he doesn't mean I have to do everything w/ her. Oh and another thing is I asked this guy to homecoming and he said yes if he goes. and then the other day my friend was asking everybody if they were going and when she got to him he said "Shit no I ain't going " well gotta go my mom's being a big ass bitch!

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